Cataract may Pose a Major Threat to Diabetic Patients

by Rishika Gupta on Feb 7 2018 3:50 PM

Cataract may Pose a Major Threat to Diabetic Patients
People who have diabetes are at greater risk of developing retinal diseases finds a new study and the relative risk is the highest in people who are 45 - 54 years old. The findings of this study are published in the journal Eye.
Cataract is one of the main causes of global sight loss."The report has shown that having diabetes doubles your risk of being diagnosed with a cataract and that this risk is six times higher if a diabetic patient has the significant diabetic retinal disease, called diabetic maculopathy," said study co-author Rupert Bourne, Professor of Ophthalmology at Anglia Ruskin University in England.

For the study, the researchers analyzed medical records from 56,510 UK-based diabetes patients aged 40 or over and found that cataract was diagnosed at an overall rate of 20.4 per 1,000 people. This compares to a rate in the general population of 10.8 per 1,000.

Diabetics aged between 45 and 54 were considerably more likely than non-sufferers to develop the cataract, said the study published in the journal Eye.

Those diabetic patients aged between 45 and 49 were 4.6 times more at risk, and diabetics aged between 50 and 54 were 5.7 times more at risk than their healthy counterparts.

The study used data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink, which covers around seven percent of the UK population and is representative of the overall demographic about age, sex, and geographic distribution.