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Carotid Artery Block for the Second Time is Rare in Patients: Indian Doctor
Seventy-year-old Jayaraman, visited his doctor after ten years for the same complaint. Dr. Subrammaniyan, vascular surgeon, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, India, was surprised when his patient, 70-year-old came to him with the same problem after 10 years.

A decade ago, Jayaraman was treated for a 98% block in his clogged carotid artery, which caused weakness in his left hand and leg. "For a decade, I led a normal life. Then suddenly, a few months ago, I experienced the same weakness. This time in my right hand and leg," said, Jayaraman.

Jayaraman was diagnosed with a fat embolus blocking the carotid artery, which can lead to a major stroke. The brain is deprived of oxygen and causes cell death if untreated.

"The TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) was caused by a fat embolus blocking the carotid artery," said Dr. Subrammaniyam, adding it was very rare to have the same problem twice. A 'stroke prevention surgery', where the embolus is removed to relieve pressure and blood flow. The artery is then repaired with tissue from the veins in the legs.

The surgeon mentioned that the patient showed early symptoms like stiffening of hands and feet, and decided to go for a surgery. "Most people know that there's very little time after a stroke to try and dissolve it, but with this procedure we can anticipate the arrival of a stroke and stop it short. We don't need to wait for a complete blockage and even where there is a 60-80% block, we can set it right by widening the carotid at the site of the block," he explained.

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