by VR Sreeraman on  June 5, 2010 at 1:40 PM Lifestyle News
 Britons are Worst-Dressed Tourists in Europe: Survey
British people are the worst-dressed holidaymakers in Europe followed by Germans, while the Italians and French are the smartest, according to a survey released on Friday.

The findings came despite 36 percent of Britons -- who are famed for fashion blunders like wearing socks with sandals -- admitting that they dress more adventurously than usual while on a break.

The survey also looked at how good people from different countries are at switching off from the pressures of work while taking a break.

A massive 87 percent of travelers from France said they checked their work emails while on holiday compared to over a quarter of Britons. That figure is despite France's reputation as a less workaholic country than Britain.

And while 93 percent of Britons try to speak the local language when abroad, some 20 percent of French travelers say they do not make any effort at all.

The survey by travel website TripAdvisor quizzed 2,717 European travelers last month.

Source: AFP

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