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 Brit Woman Faces Losing Plot For Growing Flowers, Not Veggies!
An 89-year-old British woman faces losing allotment for growing flowers instead of vegetables.

Edith Avery, of Cefn Road, Rogerstone, near Newport, south Wales, was informed that her plot of 30 years would be cleared due to her failure to comply with the Rogerstone Community Council regulations.

"They said there should be veg on there and I did have veg for years and years, but I'm 89 now and I don't find it easy so it's gradually gone over to shrubs and flowers," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"It's quite well tended, it's not neglected, but they said they've got a list of people who want allotments.

There are so many that are unattended and overgrown, but it seems they want this one," she added.

Newport West MP Paul Flynn, who is fighting widow Edith's case, said: "Her offense is that she is growing flowers. There are many neglected overgrown allotments nearby that cry out for the councilors' attention. I have appealed to the council to show a little common sense and flexibility.

Destroying her work of 30 years would be a cruel and heartless act."

Source: ANI

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