Brit Men Want Girlfriends 'to Stay the Same Size'

by Hannah Punitha on Aug 2 2008 2:57 PM

More than half Brit men would like their girlfriend to stay the same, despite a whopping 55 percent of women worrying that their partner may not be attracted to them if they won't have a good body.

The finding is based on the Fabulous Body Survey 2008.

The two sexes showed a stark contrast in their opinion regarding the female bodies, with women fearing more about looks than men.

Though 74 percent men agreed that women's body size did matter, only 28 percent men wanted their girlfriends to drop a dress size.

And when it came to celebrities, men preferred Kelly Brooke's body (40 percent men) over Kate Moss' (only 1 percent). Women, on the other hand gave more marks to Myleene Klass (26 percent)

A good 55 percent women feel depressed upon seeing images of celebrities, with 40 percent of women confessing that they do worry about their size at times.

The survey found that 79 percent women want to lose weight and look good with one fourth of the women going to the extent of taking diet pills.

Though 36 women said their breasts remain their most loved body parts, still 56 percent want to go for plastic surgery to enhance their looks.

34 percent of those who said yes would specifically want to enhance their breast size. In fact twenty percent of the total women had already undergone a breast surgery.

However, women's growing body issues did not cause much of problem in their relationship with men. Almost 71 percent men said that they did not experience problem in their relationship due to their partner's weight.

But, 77 percent of men want their partner to be more body confident.