Brit Dads too Busy to Read Bedtime Stories to Kids

by VR Sreeraman on Jun 29 2009 3:54 PM

A large number of British kids are missing out on the tradition of bedtime stories, because dads are too busy to read to their children, a new survey has revealed.

The survey found that a meagre 43 per cent of adults read to their youngsters every day while a third of children watch TV before going to sleep, reports The Daily Express.

The figures indicate that today's parents are failing to recognise the importance of reading to their children.

Carried out by Capital Shopping Centres, the survey found that almost one in ten 16-24 year-old parents have never read a storybook to their children.

While 10 per cent parents have confessed that they lack the confidence to read aloud, only half believe it's fun for parent and child.

The research also found that younger parents are three times more likely to feel guilty about missing out on this experience than older parents.

However, many parents have claimed that they simply don't have the time and instead rely on nursery or childcare to do the job.

And it is the fathers, who particularly, fall short when it comes to getting in a good bedtime story.

While nearly half (47 per cent) of mothers read to their children every day, the same can only be said for a third (33 per cent) of dads.