Bright Side of Exposure to the sun

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 24 2013 9:09 AM

 Bright Side of Exposure to the sun
This is great news for those who like to be out in the sun.
Even though exposure to the sun is thought to elevate the risk of skin cancer, the chances of having heart disease and dying prematurely is much less, a recent insight has revealed.

A study that took into account the entire Danish population aged over 40 years, over a 23-year period and analyzed the data of close to four million people, found that men and women with non-melanoma skin cancer carried only 50% the risk of early death as those without the disease. The study also found that those with skin cancer were benefited with lowered risk of heart attack and hip fracture.

Results found that people with non-melanoma skin cancer carried a 4 per cent lowered risk of suffering a heart attack, as compared to those without cancer. The chances of death due to any other reason were also reduced by 48 per cent.

"Our study suggests that having a diagnosis of skin cancer was associated with less myocardial infarction, less hip fracture in those below age 90 years and less death from any cause compared with general population controls," researchers said.

The beneficial effects of Vitamin D assimilation has perhaps kicked in. Yet, British scientists say that caution is required during exposure to the sun and the use of sunscreen is a must to offset potential risks.


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