Boy Saves Infant’s Life by Teaching Mum How to Perform CPR

by Kathy Jones on Mar 16 2013 8:45 PM

 Boy Saves Infant’s Life by Teaching Mum How to Perform CPR
A 9-year old boy in Georgia, United States, saved the life of a two-month old baby by teaching the mother how to perform a CPR on the baby.
Susanna Rohm found that her baby had gone limp and looked pale. After failing to locate her cell phone in panic, she rushed out of the house and found two boys, Ethan Wilson and his friend Rocky Hurt, playing across the street and she yelled at them to ask their parents to call 911.

While Ethan went inside to alert emergency services, Rocky went to Ms Rohm and led her through the CPR process which revived the unconscious baby.

“He came in and I had my hand on my baby's chest just screaming and the little boy said, 'put two fingers on his stomach'. He said, 'press down five times,' so I did five compressions, and then he said, 'breathe in his mouth’”, Ms Rohm said, adding that the baby then woke up crying just as an ambulance arrived at the scene. The baby, Isaiah, was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and was kept at the hospital for two days.