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 Blondes Need Maximum Time to Get Ready
A new survey has found that blondes take longer getting dolled up for a night out than brunettes.

In the study of 3,000 women, boffins discovered that blondes will take 72 minutes a day on their beauty routine compared to 66 minutes for brunettes.

This comes down to blondes spending 22 days a year getting ready, compared to 19 for brunettes, reports The Telegraph.

Also, an average blonde has a better social life, going out with friends three times a month, compared to twice for darker haired ladies.

Rose-Marie Jarvis, of Goody hair care, who conducted the survey, said: "Traditionally, blondes have to work a little harder than brunettes to achieve the same standard of shine, as fair hair doesn't reflect light to the same extent.

"Interestingly, we found that often it's the time spent on getting ready that gives women a confidence boost - which would explain why blondes are thought to have more fun.

"This research formed the thinking behind our range of hair accessories and styling tools in Morrisons, as we recognise the effect that a good hair day can have in boosting women's confidence."

The survey found the average daily routine for blondes is: shower for 16 minutes; teeth eight minutes; hair 14 minutes; make-up 11 minutes; picking the right outfit 11 minutes; 12 minutes on other preening like shaving and waxing.

In addition, 11 minutes a week are dedicated to nail care.

On a night out the blonde beauty regime goes into overdrive with a couple of extra minutes spent on each activity.

Brunettes on the other hand take just over an hour each day getting ready while their night out routines last an average of one hour 51 minutes.

Brunettes are more likely to leave home without any of their hair and make up being done with 80 per cent saying they wouldn't be ashamed of going 'au natural'.

Source: ANI

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