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Binge Drinking, Drug Use and Smoking Rampant Among Britainís School Kids
A new survey has revealed that binge drinking; drug use and smoking are rampant among Britain's school kids.

In the TellUs2 survey for education watchdog Ofsted, 111,000 pupils in the grades six, eight and ten were quizzed.

The survey found that at least one in seven kids aged 12 to 15 had dabbled with illegal substances. Also, it was found that one in 30 took heroin, cocaine, acid or ecstasy, and almost one in ten smoked cannabis.

Survey revealed that half of kids aged between 10 and 15 years admitted to underage boozing, and more than one in five smoked a cigarette.

The greatest concern for parents, teachers and ministers are the numbers experimenting with booze and drugs, as the survey found that a fifth of ten and 11-year-olds had tasted alcohol, with one in 20 getting drunk at least twice in the last month.

Shadow children's minister Tim Loughton said that ministers need to look hard at the findings.

"Problems with behaviour and discipline among some young people is contributing towards problems in our communities. Ministers need to look hard at the findings," the Sun quoted him, as saying.

The survey also found that a quarter were worried about bullying, while 30 per cent had been bullied at least twice in the past month. Youngsters' other big worries were exams, friendships and schoolwork.

Source: ANI

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