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Beijing's Young Women Increasingly Becoming Drug Addicts
Women in Beijing are increasingly getting addicted to drugs, as narcotics are becoming more popular in mass binges and are also believed to be an effective way to help lose weight.

According to the China Daily, Yi Yang, deputy director of the anti-drug department of Beijing municipal public security bureau, said that over half of 310 new drug takers seized by cops last month were women, mostly under the age of 30.

Women made for 21.7 percent of 14,000 drug users caught by police in the Chinese capital last year, reports

Li said that more women drug users have been found as new types of drugs, such as methamphetamine and ketamine, which were often used as a stimulant for mood and energy, became increasingly popular in parties and gatherings.

Usually such parties have been attended by an equal number of men and women, or couples.

However, men drug addicts alone may just stay at home and use traditional drugs, such as heroin.

New drugs like "ice" enhance sexual ability, and were often found in group-sex parties, in which the same number of men and women participate.

And that's what professor Xia Guomei, from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, thinks could be the reason for the increase in the number of women drug users.

Li said that a number of women drug addicts, especially those in the entertainment industry, go for drugs for losing weight.

Source: ANI

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