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 Baristas Face Prostitution Charges for Serving More Than Coffee!
Five bikini-clad baristas in Everett, Washington are said to be facing prostitution charges after police received complaints that they served more than just coffee at an espresso stand.

According to Everett Police Sergeant Robert Goetz, the five women, employed by Everett's 'Grab-N-Go' espresso stand, have been charged with prostitution and violating the city's Adult Entertainment ordinance.

The police reportedly conducted a two-month investigation into the bikini-clad baristas' behaviour after they received multiple complains from customers.

And, during the probe, the police found the baristas' behaviour to have been lewd and inappropriate.

"For extra money these women would expose their entire body. If they were wearing a bikini they would either take it off or at least lower it," Fox News quoted Goetz as saying.

"There were some allegations... Complaints from our citizens that they were performing whip cream shows between two women," he stated.

There even was an incident in which the police responded to an alarm at the coffee shop, only to find a barista with no clothes on when they arrived.

But Bill Wheeler, the owner of the Grab-N-Go, is defending his business by explaining that the women who work at the espresso stand each sign agreements guaranteeing that they will not behave inappropriately.

Wheeler said that the business' policy is strictly enforced and all employees who violate it are terminated immediately.

"Any girl caught doing anything illegal will be fired on the spot," Wheeler said.

"Every girl that works for us knows that our policy states clearly, acceptable attire for work. They must cover their bottoms and use pasties, if necessary," he added.

If convicted, the bikini-clad baristas could face a fine of 1,000 dollars and up to 90 days in jail.

Source: ANI

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