by Kathy Jones on  June 19, 2014 at 7:46 PM General Health News
Austrian Woman’s Nude
An Austrian woman managed to literally stop the traffic after her decision to sun bathe in the nude in front of her window led to major traffic jam in Vienna.

According to the Mirror, drivers just couldn't look away from the stretched out naked woman sunbathing out of her third floor window, and ended up crashing into each other.

A spectator named Gregory Shakaki who clicked a picture of the woman, said that he thought he felt like he was having a "sunstroke", while a motorist Michael Kienast told local media that the young lady really wanted to get some sunshine "in a place where it doesn't usually shine".

But by the time the police arrived to clear out the road block, the woman had gone inside and shut her windows.

Source: ANI

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