Australians are Becoming Slaves to New Technology

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 14 2008 3:53 PM

 Australians are Becoming Slaves to New Technology
Australian people are increasingly becoming addicted to new technology, says a report.
Christena Singh, author of the 2008 Sensis e-Business Report, says that people's inclination towards technology may be good for social connections and business efficiency, but it also raises some safety and social concerns.

She says that the Aussies are taking up new technology in droves, and it is proving to be quite addictive for some people.

"And its not just Gen Y, its right across the board, from little ones to seniors," quoted her as saying.

The Sensis e-Business Report indicates that about 10 per cent Australians have a phone with email access.

It further states that 60 per cent people use a mobile email device mainly for work, while a further 10 per cent use it for both work and personal use. About 30 per cent people use the device mostly for personal use.

Over 60 per cent users never turn off their device, with about 20 per cent turning the device off over the weekend.

Half of users respond to work-related emails in their personal time, either always or most of the time.

The findings go to show that most Australians believe that mobile email is a useful tool that allows them to respond to email quickly, and work away from the office, besides providing them with mobility and convenience and assisting in work-life balance.

"The intrusion into one's personal life is seen as the biggest negative impact," Singh said.

"However, Australians are very attached to this technology and would be reluctant to give it up," she added.

She said that 30 per cent users said that they would definitely not consider giving up the device.

Her report also highlights a spike in the number of small businesses owning notebook computers and personal websites.

Though personal websites have strengthen business organisations' positions in the market, online security has emerged as a cause of concern because most Aussies have supplied personal information online during the year.


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