Tackling Deafness at Birth

by Rajashri on Oct 14 2008 3:49 PM

The Balavidyalaya Institute for Teacher Training, Adyar has launched a 15-day program to prepare teachers for a new project that aims to tackle deafness in children at an early age.

Meenakshi Rajagopal, State commissioner for disabled inaugurated the orientation programme which kicked off yesterday. Saraswathy Narayanaswamy, director, Balavidyalaya, The School for Young Deaf Children said the project is cost-effective and aims to help children with hearing impairment from birth to two-and -a- half years.

“While the District Disability Rehabilitation Officers take care of identification, diagnosis and hearing aid fitment, the Early Intervention Centres will help children to develop age appropriate skills in language, motor, speech and cognition,” said Saraswathy.

Balavidyalaya-The School for Young Deaf Children and The Institute for Teacher Training will be the training centers for teachers taking part in this project.