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 Australian School Students Run Riot on ‘muck-up’ Day, Authorities Worried
Graduating Australian school students seem to enjoy going on a rampage on the muck-up day, the last day of their school term. Their exuberance seems to be running out of control and authorities are worried. Actually they don't seem to know how strongly they should react. Should they crackdown or condone it all as merely boyish pranks, they seem unable to decide.

Take the instance of the Melbourne Greek Orthodox College. It has indeed forced to close the school Thursday after muck-up day students pelted hundreds of eggs at windows and buildings overnight. But the principal is on the defensive, he would not blame his students.

They are not that type, he says even while admitting the hug embarrassment caused by the egging, not to speak of the cost of cleaning up the mess.

"It's devastating for us just to see our school in this sort of condition," Steve Charisis told radio station 3AW this morning.

"There's just a massive amount of eggs on windows, doorways, buildings...we're going to need high pressure hoses, ladders, that sort of thing.

"It's not the sort of environment I wanted our own kids to be exposed to."

The principal told Radio 3AW his Year 12 students had shown commendable behaviour over the year and were not necessarily to blame.

"I don't want to point the finger at any of ours," he said.

"The worst thing they did in our eyes...was sort of scrawl over each other's uniforms while they were wearing them."

Charisis also revealed the offenders had managed to avoid a security patrol last night.

"I think we've all become cautious around this time of the year, it's the first year I've put on security as a security patrol but it didn't work last night obviously," he said.

"We've been hit in the past. When you consider the cost of the clean-up, we thought no let's take precautionary measures and get a patrol happening and hopefully avert any extensive cleaning costs."

Two days ago, at Xavier College, an independent Roman Catholic boys school, also in Melbourne, many donned balaclavas ( a type of mask) letting off fireworks, ran around the campus wearing only G-strings and their schools ties.

A student suffered multiple leg fractures and had to be taken to hospital.

But the authorities there acted swiftly, suspending for a whole year more than 200 students for their unruly behaviour.

A whole year of a top Australian private school has been suspended after pranksters ran Police received complaints as more than 250 students caused "unacceptable" trouble at the school.

Xavier's director of development Graham Sharp said in the statement: "Unfortunately during lunchtime a large number of Year 12 students exhibited unacceptable behaviour and as a consequence the decision was taken to cancel classes in the afternoon, and following two days."

Security guards were posted outside the campus the following day after residents complained of students harassing drivers and disrupting traffic.

Acting Senior Sgt Rod Philips, of the Victoria police department, said police had received numerous calls complaining of up to 100 students causing trouble, and were investigating vehicle damage.

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