by Hannah Punitha on  May 6, 2008 at 6:47 PM Research News
Are Women Better Managers Than Men?
Women are more efficient than men when it comes to business management, according to a new Australian survey.

In the survey, involving 1800 Australian female and male CEOs and managers, women have emerged victorious in the key issues of strategic drive, risk taking, people skills, aesthetics and altruism, and innovation, whereas both were equal in the area of emotional stability.

The survey showed that men were superior in only two areas, command and control of management operations and focus on financial returns.

The study, conducted using the Hogan Assessment System (HAS), an international personality test designed to help organisations select employees and develop leaders, suggested that men were more task focused and more comfortable getting the job done, rather than bothering with relationships.

"The study reflects the ability of women to look beyond operational process management and cost control alone, and focus more on the holistic elements of a business," quoted Gillian O'Mara, director and general manager of Steps Leadership Programs, as saying.

"I think a number of people might have suspected women are stronger in people management skils, or some of the typically softer skills. But the results in terms of strategic drive, risk taking and capacity for innovation might surprise some," she added.

While focus was the key to men in managerial field, confidence was the key to women.

"The confidence women have at the start of their careers is vital to building their career plans and putting themselves forward for promotion and actively networking and seeking mentors," O'Mara said.

"These are critical elements we find successful women leaders have used," she added.

The study will be presented at the Steps Women and Contemporary Leadership seminar in Sydney and Melbourne later this month.

Source: ANI

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