Animal Lover Spends £7500 for Her Cat's Face Surgery!

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 27 2008 2:53 PM

 Animal Lover Spends £7500 for Her Cat
Animal lover Tanya Dickson spared no expense after her pet cat was terribly disfigured in a car accident - and spent 7500 pounds on for the beloved kitty's complex facial reconstructive surgery.
Tanya Dickson, 41, had to a forego a new car she had saved up for, to pay for the work on her grey rescue cat "Hetty" - who despite the name is male - after the accident which left it in a coma.

A 2,500 pounds x-ray and MRI scan revealed that the 18-month-old animal's nasal cavity had been shunted to the back of its brain, one eye had collapsed with another dislocated amid countless fractures.

But with round-the-clock care by vets in Kennett, Cambs, and surgery to repair a broken jaw with wire, insert a feeding tube into the cat's neck and stitch one eye shut, Hetty is now almost back to good health.

"He is deaf in one ear and blind in one eye and he isn't as feisty as he used to be," Telegraph quoted Dickson, as saying.

"He is quite dopey and loves sitting on my lap. But he still has a good quality of life so it was all worth it," she added.


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