Angry School Girl Kicks 40-year-old Man’s Groin and Injures His Testicle

by Gopalan on Sep 9 2007 11:29 AM

Teen aggression is getting ghastlier by the day.

A 18-year-old Australian girl has been guilty of kicking a 40-year-old man viciously in the groin and injuring his testicles.

Megan Jane Conroy, 18, appeared at Brisbane’s District Court two days ago where she pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm over the attack, which left her victim in hospital with severe genital bruising.

The man had been at a party with Conroy’s parents last year.

The court heard Conroy had arrived home drunk and was introduced to the man by her mother.

Conroy asked the 40-year-old complainant if he was "a Kiwi", and told him to "get f***ed" when he replied in the affirmative.

She then took offence that he pronounced her name as "Maegan" instead of "Megan" and kneed him in the groin, demanding he say it correctly.

She pushed him against the wall and kicked his groin again before the complainant apologised.

Conroy finally let him go after trying to kick him a third time.

The man went to hospital and was treated for severe bruising and tenderness to his testicles.

Conroy’s defence counsel conceded the then 17 year-old had overreacted, but argued the mispronunciation of her name had been perceived as "some sort of slight" at the time.

Judge Tony Rafter agreed the incident was out of character for the girl, she had no criminal history and released her on a $200, six-month good behaviour bond. No conviction was recorded.

She did sob in the dock, but her mother or none close to her have expressed any remorse or concern over such violent behaviour.

Also to be noted is that they had all allowed her to go berserk on a trivial issue and attack so brutally a guest they had invited for the party.