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 American Cyclist Drives Against Climate Change: Pedals Over 5,000 Miles
In order to promote Brita Climate Ride 2009 in the US, as well as raise awareness of climate change and renewable energy, "Climate Rider" Michael Proulx will cycle more than 5,000 miles this summer.

Proulx is a global traveler and former Ironman triathlete who has traveled extensively and backpacked all seven continents.

His epic journey began in May in Boston, and he plans to pedal across the US to join up with Brita Climate Ride, which begins in New York City on September 26, 2009.

He is currently riding through the Washington, DC area on his way to Charlottesville, Virginia.

"I decided to take my bike out for a spin, and that was three months ago," said Michael Proulx.

"But seriously, when I heard about Brita Climate Ride, I knew I wanted to help with their grassroots effort, and I thought what better way to spread the word than doing it on bike, one mile at a time.

When I pitched this 5,005-mile ride to the Climate Ride organization, they made me the Outreach Coordinator and off I went.

It's been an amazing journey so far," he added.

Proulx's ride has taken him from Boston to New York City, through New Jersey, and into

Washington, DC, where he is currently preparing for the next stage of his outreach trip, which will take him to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Then, he'll travel to California to begin an 8-week sojourn across the US, eventually joining nearly 200 cyclists at the start of Brita Climate Ride in Manhattan in September.

Of his latest adventure, Proulx said, "With four bags on my bike, I get plenty of strange looks, double-takes and random comments, but hopefully my ride will spread the message that climate change is happening and that you can do something about it by participating in the Climate Ride."

"I've already heard from folks who say I've inspired them to get on their bikes. It doesn't get any cooler than that," he added.

Michael believes in the "power of the bicycle" not only as a solution to climate change, but also as a more enjoyable way to get from Point A to Point B.

"It's amazing what you notice when you're not driving 55 mph," he said.

The Brita Climate Ride will take place from September 26-30, 2009, and will see hundreds of cyclists pedal beautiful country roads from New York City to Washington, DC.

Brita Climate Ride is the first charity bicycle tour where pedal strokes help raise money and awareness of climate change and hope for a future powered by renewable energy and a green economy.

The ride offers people who share a passion for green living and cycling a chance to journey toward making a difference.

Source: ANI

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