Almost Half Of Britain’s Drivers Speak To Their Cars!

by Aruna on Oct 14 2009 9:43 AM

Almost half the motorists speak to their cars while driving finds a new UK study.

The study conducted by surveyed 1,200 drivers and found that 44 percent spoke to their cars sometimes, while 31 percent admitted to chatter with their vehicle all the time.

On a gender basis it was found that nearly 21 percent men talked to their vehicle at times.

Only 25 percent drivers said they never spoke to their car.

The poll also discovered that nearly a quarter of those surveyed had a pet name for their vehicle, quite opposite to the figure of only 21 percent giving their partners a nickname.

The Scotsman quoted marketing director, Katie Armitage, as saying: "With many people spending several hours a day traveling to work, it's not surprising that more people seem to be talking to their cars.

"Manufacturers spend millions on advertising trying to give their cars a personality, which could explain why people feel able to relate to their cars."