A Party for Liberal Sex in Canada Protests Blocking of Its Mails

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 23 2007 11:43 AM

The Sex Party of Canada is upset that the country’s postal authorities are blocking its mails that explain the party’s philosophy.

Recently it went to court challenging the action of the Canada Post in refusing to distribute a flyer during the 2006 federal election on the ground its contents were pornographic.

"We are advocating for rights established for any citizen," said Sex Party leader John Ince, who told a judge in Vancouver that the pamphlet was intended to help recruit new party members and raise donations.

The Vancouver-based party - which advocates liberalisation of Canada's prostitution laws among other issues - says its political mailing ran afoul of rules aimed at prohibiting use of the postal system to distribute mass-mailing flyers for hard-core pornography or other illegal material.

"That is not what our material is," Ince told the court.

The flyer says, “We aim to develop a sex-positive culture, where sexuality is freely celebrated in art and media, where sexual education is encouraged throughout the lifespan, where sexual research is richly funded, and where the principles of liberty and tolerance govern the social regulation of sexual expression to the same extent as they govern the regulation of religious or political expression.

To realize a sex-positive culture we need to:

      -Change Our Education System
      -teach sexual gradualism in schools
      -provide parental education in sex-positivity
      -teach the ethic of sexual tolerance
      -establish a department of Sexual Studies at Canadian Universities
      -create an Institute for the Advanced Study of Sexuality Policy Repeal Sex Negative Laws and Regulations
      -pass legislation requiring more designated areas for nudists
      -implement the recommendations of the Fraser Committee with respect to the repeal of laws prohibiting consensual, adult sex work in private
      -fund a Sex Worker Empowerment Program (SWEP) providing counseling, education, advocacy, and resources to sex workers
      -repeal the prohibitions on adult sexual expression which can only be observed by willing adults. Support Sex Positive Community
      -require all long term care institutions to articulate a sexuality policy that is nonjudgmental about residents ’ sexuality and that aims to facilitate any desired activity among willing partners
      -The Sex Party would create a Sex-Positive Press Council that would expose the overt and subtle censorship practiced by the media.
      -The Sex Party would change Victoria Day to Eros Day to celebrate and encourage sexpositive expression. The Sex Party would proclaim Valentines Day as an official holiday.

Ince, a former lawyer who owns an erotica shop, said the Sex Party did not oppose restrictions on mailing hard-core porn, but said postal officials have been inconsistent in applying their own rules.

Lawyers representing the post office have yet to present their court arguments, but Canada Post said it has an obligation to refuse material that could be seen by children or others who might find it offensive.

Canada Post has denied its motives were political.

The Sex Party, founded in 2005, ran three candidates in that year's provincial election in British Columbia, and the mailing was part of its efforts to become registered as a federal political organisation, Ince said.

Among the political ideas it advocated in the 2005 provincial campaign was more designated public areas for nudists. The party describes itself as the world's first political party "dedicated exclusively to sex-positive issues."