A New Clinical Disorder – IAD- Established: China Drafts Diagnosis Manual

by Tanya Thomas on Nov 10 2008 3:58 PM

A New Clinical Disorder – IAD- Established: China Drafts Diagnosis Manual
IAD- Internet Addiction Disorder is now a “disease”, officially. Psychologists who approved the diagnosis manual have pinned the symptoms down to excessive time spent online and irritability if internet access isn’t possible. What’s long been considered a bad habit has now reared its ugly head as a full-fledged disease.
The two major symptoms of IAD are lingering online for more than six hours a day instead of working or studying and having adverse reactions from not being able to get online, reports China Daily.

According to the manual, IAD sufferers usually engage in five main activities - Online gaming, net pornography, excessive involvement in virtual social networking, too much Internet shopping and general cyber-surfing.

Tao Ran, a leading medical professional on addiction in China who also headed the drafting of the manual, said that the guide would be the first of its kind in the world if the Ministry of Health officially approves it.

Tao said that the ministry is highly likely to give the manual the green light next year.

"If so, China will be the first country to recognize IAD as a clinical disease, like gambling or alcohol addiction," Tao said.


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