84-year-old Divorce 23-year-old Bride for a Younger Woman!

by Medindia Content Team on Nov 25 2007 3:48 PM

An 84-year-old billionaire is divorcing his 23-year-old wife - for an even younger model.

The marriage between Joe Hardy and Kristin Georgi, a manicurist, lasted for just 107 days.

Georgi was showered with expensive gifts including a 50,000 pounds Porsche before getting married to the 61-years older billionaire.

But soon she found that Hardy did not match up to her expectations.

After slightly more than three months of wedded bliss she walked out - and Hardy filed for divorce at Fayette County Common Pleas Court in Pennsylvania citing "irreconcilable differences".

Georgi, of Masontown, Pennsylvania, is wryly amused at the reason Hardy gave for the split.

"There is only a 61-year gap. You think there are some differences there? You think?" the Mirror quoted Georgi, as saying.

"Usually men go through crises in mid-life. Not Joe. In his 80s, you think he would be settling down, but no..,” she added.

The divorce has yet to be finalised, but it seems that the Hardy has already found a new mate in 22-year-old Danielle.

One of Danielle's neighbours says: "I live three houses away from her mom and dad. She used to be a fatty, I'll tell ya that.”

"I heard he was paying for her to get some lipo. I was told by a friend of hers they are getting married. Gold digger? Who knows? But I must admit I'm jealous!" the neighbour added.