by Rukmani Krishna on  October 1, 2013 at 11:30 PM Lifestyle News
 20 Ciggies and Sherry a Day Credited for Long Life By 111-yr-old Woman
Despite living on 20 cigarettes a day and a pint of sherry for breakfast, a women from the UK has revealed that she has lived a long life.

Dorothy Peel of Bridlington, east Yorkshire, said that she drinks regularly throughout the day.

She said that in the morning she drinks half a pint of sherry, for lunch she drinks a gin and tonic and at around 7pm she drinks a small ginger ale with a bit of whisky but these days she just has a sherry now and again, the Daily Star reported.

Peel asserted that she decided to pack in smoking when she was 103, as she was suffering from bronchitis and that the doctor warned her about her life.

She said nowadays she still is tempted to have an odd cigarette at Christmas or New Year along with pink champagne- her favourite drink.

Source: ANI

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