20 and Counting- Oz Men and Women on Drink-guzzling Sprees

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 21 2008 10:12 AM

“Drink, drink and more drink” seems to be the rule of the thumb Down Under! A survey among Aussie men between the ages of 16-24 reveals that nearly a quarter down more than 20 standard alcoholic drinks in a single session!

The research has revealed that young women are not too far behind when it comes to consuming alcohol, as 19 percent of young Victorian ladies consume 11 standard alcohol drinks per session.

According to the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation, one of the reasons behind heavy drinking among young people, is the great income.

"Young drinkers who have greater disposable incomes are much more likely to drink to excess," News.Com.Au quoted study author Michael Livingstone, as saying.

The study of nearly 11,000 Victorians brought to light that many people have their first alcoholic drink at the mere age of 13.

Young people living in the country were more likely to drink at harmful levels than those in the city, Livingstone said.

Health minister Nicola Roxon said that the findings are alarming.

"This shows the scale of the challenge we're facing - and highlights why urgent action is needed to tackle binge drinking," Roxon said.

"This epidemic of binge drinking is hurting our young people, and we're not going to stand on the sidelines and let that happen," Roxon added.