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Find your Body Type - Ayurveda

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The ancient Indian science of healing 'Ayurveda' defines your body into three types - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The body type of a person depends on their physical and emotional attributes.
. Find your Body Type -  Ayurveda
To get the maximum benefit from the daily diet you consume or treatment you take when ill you must know your body type. This calculator helps you find your body type and makes suggestions about the diet and the lifestyle that you should lead to be in a healthy state of mind and body.


 VATA body type is defined by the energy of movement. VATA symbolize space and air elements. The body movements and the activities of nervous system are governed by VATA.

 Tick the points applicable to you.


Thin and Tall (or)


Thin and short


Difficulty in gaining weight


Dry, chapped and cool skin


Dry and sparse hair, with split ends


Dislikes cold, dry climate


Extremely active


Unstable mind


Problems with memorizing




Active, darting eyes




Economically challenged


Crackling  sound in the joints, prominent while walking


Reduced strength and stamina


Non-believer / Atheist




Likes singing, dancing, hunting, games and gambling


Frequent anxiety attacks and restlessness


Quick, creative mind


Has vivid sexual imagination but lack the ability to perform sexual


Not attractive to opposite sex


Lacks self-control


While asleep, eyes remain half-open


Experiences disturbed sleep 


Likes sweet, sour, salty and hot foods


Eats heavily but does not gain weight


Irregular appetite


Irregular eating and sleeping habits


Forgets dreams easily. Often dreams of flying or climbing mountains




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Posted by:  sandwivedi, India  Posted on: 3/31/2011
very good
Posted by:  nsanjay85, India  Posted on: 12/5/2010
it was really very good thing and interesting also.
Posted by:  nainada, India  Posted on: 9/26/2010
gud way
Posted by:  Joseph25, Saudi Arabia  Posted on: 5/19/2010
very interesting calculation
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