The kapha people tend to put on weight. So following a proper exercise regime helps to maintain weight.
 Sleeping late in the night induces dryness in the body, which balances the excessive oiliness of kapha.
 Kapha people have lot of strength and endurance. So exerting themselves helps to utilize and balance kapha dosha. If proper exertion is not given, it may lead to sleepiness and to laziness.
 Traveling is very good for kapha, as it increases vata that balances the kapha.
 Drinking hot water helps in balancing the coldness of kapha.
 Taking bath with hot water is also equally good. It gives an immediate energy & lightness of body.
 Taking hot steam bath or inhaling hot steam helps in eliminating the excessive kapha by melting it.
 Fasting is advised for kapha people, It the best way to bring down the heaviness of the body.
 Taking a dry massage with herbal powders that are hot in potency is very good for balancing the kapha dosha. It melts the excessive fat under the skin & eliminates them. The dry massage also gives a good texture to the skin.
 Taking foot massage and other body massages such as Thai massage are also best suited for kapha.
 Taking diet predominant of pungent, bitter & astringent tastes is advisable.
 The food should be warm, light, dry, prepared with spices, cooked without much of water with a minimum usage of butter, oil and sugar. It should be stimulating in nature.
 Taking alcohol in small quantities, at night times and after food, helps to balance kapha.
 Frequent indulgence in sex is also good for kapha people.
 Taking sunbath and exposure to hot and dry wind is good.
 Keep the mind active with new thoughts, projects and information.
 Induce vomit, using warm salt water, once a while to balance the kapha.
 Chant stimulating mantras such as ham, yam, Om, aim, hrim.

Habits best avoided are Sedentary work
 Not following an exercise regime.
 Sleeping during daytime is a very bad habit. It will increase kapha and fat, and it is the cause for disease such as diabetes and obesity.
 Using cold water for bath.
 Taking bath many times in a day.
 Traveling during cold & damp weather conditions
 Eating many times in a day.
 Eating in the early mornings and late evenings.
 Cold and ice water
 Applying cool things on the body

Submitted by: Dr. Gayatri Ganesh B.A.M.S
Edited by: Dr. Reeja Tharu

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hari_bhakta108, United States

Frequent indulgence in sex is NOT healthy, it is stupid. Any real yogi will tell you how valuable the retention of semen is. Semen is 64 times more heavily concentrated with prana than blood. Wasting it calls death very near.

Kapha3, Australia

I believe fasting is not recommended for Kapha doshas - neither is induced purging through drinking saltwater; this is highly dangerous - especially for kapha types. I'm really disappointed in the poor quality of this article and it worries me that people may read this and believe that inducing vomiting is perfectly normal, healthy and not only that - recommended by qualified doctors.