Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I visit if I suffer from repeated vomiting?

You should visit a gastroenterologist in case you suffer from repeated vomiting. A child with repeated vomiting may be taken to a pediatrician first.

2. What is the difference between cyclic vomiting syndrome and chronic vomiting?

Patients with cyclic vomiting syndrome are usually normal on tests that include laboratory, radiographic or endoscopic tests. The patient may experience 4 or more episodes of vomiting per hour at the peak intensity, with one or two episodes per month. He/she may suffer from dehydration due to the episodes. Chronic vomiting is usually associated with a disease of the digestive tract, which can be detected during various tests. The intensity of vomiting is low, but the vomiting can occur daily. Dehydration is usually uncommon in chronic vomiting.

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