Benefits of Green Blood Therapy

Green blood or wheatgrass therapy involves the consumption of wheatgrass juice daily. It can be chosen as a supplement treatment for patients suffering from chronic diseases like Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Joint pains, Tuberculosis (TB), Constipation, Hypertension, Diabetes, Bronchitis, Insomnia, Eczema, Sterility, Hemorrhage, Obesity and Flatulence. Researches prove its usefulness in the treatment of cancer as well. For best results, it is recommended to take wheatgrass in the form of juice.

A word of caution: Do not neglect your regular medication prescribed by a qualified medical professional for your ailment just because you are taking wheatgrass juice.

Juicing it up

After cutting, the wheatgrass is crushed well. It should then be wrapped in a clean thin cloth and strained. A plastic strainer or an electric mixer can be used. If the magnetically treated water is added to it while crushing, the extraction will be in a greater quantity with effectiveness strengthened.

Cure for blood circulatory system

Wheatgrass can reverse anemia by the consumption of just 200ml juice twice a day. Being structurally and functionally similar to hemoglobin, wheatgrass helps in oxygen transport and blood synthesis. It has proven to be beneficial in all kinds of blood disorders too. Wheatgrass therapy could also help in combating troubles related to build up of uric acid in the blood.

wheatgrass Juice Helps Treat Acne, As It An Active Blood Purifying Agent

Cure for respiratory system

Wheatgrass juice therapy works to cure a common cold, asthma, bronchitis and all the related diseases. Asthma being a stubborn disease also responds to the juice when taken regularly twice a day.

Wheatgrass juice has the ability to dissolve the scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gases. The ill effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production.

Cure for digestive conditions

Wheatgrass therapy is most effective in the case of digestive disorders like constipation, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, acidity, ulcers in the stomach and intestines and worms. It is an excellent laxative too. Wheatgrass is a boon in disorders of the colon, mucous, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation and bleeding piles.

Cure for disease of joints

Wheatgrass has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is highly effective in the management of bone and joint disorders. It can significantly help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation of the joints. It enhances the natural healing process of the body.

Cure for skin diseases

Wheatgrass has been found to cure eczema, acne (pimples), boils, cuts and wounds, bites and burns. It is highly useful in treating skin conditions as it purifies and oxygenates the blood. As wheatgrass also provides the essential enzymes the body needs for optimum health, it is helpful in strengthening the body's immune system.

Drinking Just 200 Ml Of wheatgrass Juice Twice a Day Can Reverse Anemia

Cure for kidney-related conditions

Wheatgrass therapy has proved to be highly beneficial in kidney-related disorders too, i.e. problem of stone, inflammation of the urinary bladder, and inflammation of the kidneys.

Cure for cancer

Wheatgrass juice is considered a must for a cancer patient at any stage whether operated or with chemo/radiation as it does not diminish the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Research proves that SOD, Selenium, laetrile (B17) in wheatgrass kills cancer cells and chlorophyll (green blood) increases the white and red blood cells count for a faster cure. Drinking the green juice has helped produce healthier blood levels while receiving chemotherapy, thus decreasing the need for blood building medications.


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