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What is fracture?

  • A broken or cracked bone
  • Occurs when pressure is applied to bone 
  • Occurs with / without displacement of bone fragments

Types of Fracture

  • Open fracture: Skin breaks causing open wound
  • Closed fracture: Skin not broken 
  • Complicated fractures: Damage of adjacent organs
  • Stress fracture: Hairline crack due to repeated stress
  • Greenstick fracture: In children's flexible bones


Symptoms of Fracture
  • Severe pain 
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Swelling/ bruising / bleeding 
  • Deformity / abnormal twist of limb
  • Tenderness on applying pressure

Severe Pain

First-aid for Fracture
  • Depends on type & location of fracture
For open fractures
  • Control bleeding before treatment
  • Rinse and dress the wound

dress the wound

For open / closed fractures
  • Check the breathing 
  • Calm the person 
  • Examine for other injuries
  • Immobilize the broken wound 
  • Apply ice to reduce pain / swelling
  • Consult a doctor 

Consult a Doctor

  • Massage the affected area
  • Straighten the broken bone 
  • Move without support to broken bone
  • Move joints above / below the fracture
  • Give oral liquids / food


  • Wear protective pads / helmets when driving
  • Teach children / practice, safe habits

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