by Kathy Jones on  December 13, 2010 at 11:07 PM Obesity News
 Word Obese Found to be Demeaning by “fat” People
Majority of the overweight people find the word "obese" to be demeaning and prefer to be called as "fat", a new study conducted by the University of New South Wales revealed.

While both "fat" and "obese" are viewed as an unflattering remark, people find being called "obese" to be disgusting and demeaning while they are willing to be called "fat". The research, led by Dr Lenny Vartanian, also says that the approach trying to motivate people into losing weight by humiliating them does not work.

The finding comes just a few months after the UK health minister and the Victorian president of the Australian Medical Association both urged people to try and force their friends and loved ones into losing weight by calling them fat.

In fact Dr Vartanian revealed that calling people "fat" would have the opposite effect since overweight people might not feel bad about themselves if they are called as fat instead of obese.

"Calling someone a fat person is like calling somebody crazy, it just doesn't have an official definition that is useful. It doesn't have a place in (public health) forums, and while obese might be seen more negatively and as less desirable to obese individuals themselves, at least it has an official definition", Dr Vartanian said.

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