Women and Their 10 Different Types Of Friends

by Rukmani Krishna on Nov 6 2013 12:57 AM

 Women and Their 10 Different Types Of Friends
A woman always has a long list of friends who are suitable for that particular occasion, be it a patch-up, breakup, shopping, or a festival.
A recent study by reveals that there are 10 categories of friends that a woman usually has, reports

Here's a list of 10 types of friends:

1. The steady-eddie: The most reliable and trusted of friends, a woman is able to do anything with this person, whether it is going for a night out or shopping.

This friend type is someone they have known for at least five years (or probably for much longer), their number will be on the speed-dial and more than likely they will be bridesmaids for each other.

2. The shopping buddy: This person has stamina, a good eye for design and a very flexible credit card. One can always rely on them to give an honest feedback when trying clothes on. They make an excellent team when going out during sales and grabbing things off the rail they know the other person would like.

What's more? They even know each others' measurements like their own.

3. The agony aunt: Often an older friend, a mother figure with whom a woman can talk to about stuff they would never want their mother to know. They are the ones who have had more life experience and are always willing to talk.

4. The crybaby: Woman let this friend cry on their shoulder once, and unfortunately they become the default agony aunt to all their problems. This friend type calls at the most inconvenient hours like from the loos at work or after they've had a few too many drinks.

5. The Samantha: Everyone knows a Samantha. Immortalised by Kim Catrall in "Sex and the City", Samantha does anything, says anything and is, at the best of times, a loose cannon. She's great to go out with in the evenings and one can always expect to have a fun time with her, but she never knows when enough is enough.

6. The Nigella: Are you always the one hosting the dinner parties, or do you just enjoy inviting your friends round to see your new home improvements? If so, then you are the Nigella.

The Nigella is the domestic goddess who cooks, cleans and always looks immaculate. Everyone is jealous of a Nigella.

7. The friend of a friend: They are those people whom one has met a couple of times and, are friends on Facebook. They don't really have anything in common, other than a mutual acquaintance. If they by chance bump into each other on the street, the conversation is extremely limited and quite awkward - especially if they've forgotten their name!

8. The 'married with kids': A married with kids friend is someone with whom one had fun until they tied the knot. Now no more night outs, all they ever do is "coffee at mine on Saturday" and conversation is limited to what her kids are up to. Of course, one doesn't resent her getting married and starting a family, but they just want a bit of their old friend back.

9. The plan B: People don't admit it but everyone has their 'plan B' friend ready to fill a gap when a better friend can't make a night out. They would never say if someone is their reserve friend - but they better have a good set of excuses to hand as to why they were not invited in the first place. If that has happened to someone on more than one occasion with their friend saying, "We would have asked you earlier, but I thought you were busy", then they are a plan B.

10. The all-seeing-eye: The all-seeing-eye friend is the ultimate queen of gossip. She will know other peoples' business well before they do and won't be afraid to hold her tongue. One goes to them when they want the latest scoop. However, they are careful about how much of their own news they let them have.