Woman Banned from Owning Pet for a Decade

by Kathy Jones on Apr 4 2013 7:50 PM

 Woman Banned from Owning Pet for a Decade
A 69-year old woman, who failed to provide proper vet treatment for her dogs, leading to them being put to sleep, has been banned for 10 years from owning another pet by a court.
A Scottish SPCA investigation found Flora Giffin guilty of offences under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. Her12-year-old Spaniel, Abbey, was found to suffer from chronic dry-eye, which if untreated could lead to blindness, and a large pus-filled growth in her ear.

Giffin's another dog, 17-year-old West Highland terrier, Clyde, was found to be suffering from painful ear and skin infections and dental disease and despite initial treatment, the dogs did not recover and had to be put to sleep. The Dumbarton Sheriff Court banned Giffin from owning a pet for the next 10 years and also gave her a six-month supervision order.

“Giffin knew her dogs were in an awful condition, yet she did not take them to the vets because she feared being told off. This highlighted a selfish disregard for the welfare of Abbey and Clyde, therefore, we welcome today's sentence as we believe Giffin has demonstrated she is unfit to provide animals with even the most basic care and attention they require”, Scottish SPCA Inspector Jennifer Connolly said.


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