VV-BOX Helps You Take Drugs On-time With Intelligent Reminders

by Vishnuprasad on Oct 9 2015 7:01 PM

VV-BOX Helps You Take Drugs On-time With Intelligent Reminders
Medication compliance is a continuing issue for many people and it is mainly due to forgetfulness and inattention.
Now a new device known as VV-BOX hopes to automate the process of dispensing drugs so that they’re taken on-time as per the prescribed regimen.

The device from the Xiaohe Intelligent Technology’ is just debuted on Kickstarter. The company is led by highly accomplished founders of many successful start-ups. It aims to create an ecosystem of mobile products around smart containers.

Officials from the company explain that the device consists of two compartments for two different pill bottles. It connects to the internet via the home’s WiFi network and then programmed with the medication schedule using a paired application. The device then follows the schedule, giving the user a sign to take the drugs on time. The reminders come in the form of a recording something on the order of “Hey Dad, take your pills.”

However, the device seems to be designed for ease of use, having only two pill bottles within seems to be a serious limitation since many elderly take considerably more drugs on a daily basis.