Two Obese Patients With Different Treatment

by Bidita Debnath on Feb 28 2017 11:55 PM

 Two Obese Patients With Different Treatment
Daulatram Jogawat, the inspector from Madhya Pradesh who was fat-shamed by author Shobhaa De last week, has been undergoing tests at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital to diagnose obesity.
It is the same hospital where Egyptian Eman Ahmed, reportedly the world’s heaviest woman, is also being treated for severe obesity. The 36-year-old Ahmed, who weighs nearly 500kg, arrived in Mumbai on February 11 for a weight-reduction surgery.

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, chairman of Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences and Research Centre, confirmed that Jogawat was admitted to the hospital and is undergoing a series of tests at a hospital here to determine the diseases he suffers from and if bariatric surgery could help him.

On hearing about his condition through the news, Dr Lakdawala reached out to him and offered to help by treating him. Doctors at the hospital say though both patients are suffering from severe obesity, there are a number of differences between the two cases. For example, Jogawat’s bariatric surgery can take place within a month, while Eman will have to wait.

"My dear friend I feel 4 u if u need medical help and think#bariatric surgery will help, pls count on me @MumbaiPolice even if u r 4om MP," Dr Lakdawala tweeted.

The 58-year-old police inspector with Neemuch Police in Madhya Pradesh, shot to limelight after Mumbai-based columnist and author Shobhaa De tweeted an image of an overweight policeman holding a mobile phone close to his ear while sitting on a chair and tweeted: 'Heavy police Bandobast in Mumbai today!'

Mumbai Police and Twitteratis came down heavily on De criticising her for the distasteful comments.

For Eman, the obesity problem started when she was just 11 years old. She suddenly started gaining weight, which restricted her limb movements. Her obesity is said to be connected to a gene disorder.

In Jogawat’s case, obesity is not related to a monogenic disorder (disorders connected to deformity in a single gene). The inspector underwent a gall bladder surgery in 1993, which caused insulin impairment in his body. Since then he has reportedly been suffering from hormonal issues that caused the weight gain.