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 Tips to Overcome Menopause Bloating
Natural supplements and simple lifestyle changes can help one conquer bloating during menopause, say health experts.

Menopause bloating can be among the most uncomfortable menopause symptoms. Most women are familiar with the bloating that can occur in the days leading up to their menstrual periods, but bloating during menopause can occur throughout the month as the levels of hormones fluctuate. This can leave women feeling uncomfortable and crampy as they scramble to find clothes that fit properly.

Women often enter perimenopause, or the period before menopause, in their 40s. During this period, women can experience many different symptoms that can include hot flashes, night sweats, breast tenderness, irregular periods and menopause sexual drive problems. Bloating can occur before, during and after menopause, or the final period, and may be associated with natural hormone fluctuations, menopause food allergies or digestive problems menopause.

Tracking symptoms can help women identify lifestyle factors or dietary choices that can lead to bloating. Caffeine, alcohol, chewing gum, sugar-free candies, cruciferous vegetables, dairy products, eggs, beans and carbonated beverages can all trigger bloating and abdominal discomfort. Eliminating these substances can ease bloating and decrease its incidence. DON'T PAUSE can also help reduce the frequency and severity of bloating by normalizing hormone levels and keeping hormonal fluctuations under control.

Most women benefit from a multi-pronged approach that addresses both the underlying cause of bloating, or hormone imbalances, and an elimination diet to rule out primary offenders. Increasing exercise may also be beneficial. Exercise can help keep the digestive system moving and boost blood flow. Women may need to increase their water intake to reduce the risk of dehydration, which can also trigger bloating. 

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