Tips on How Yoga can Rock Your Sex Life

by Rajashri on Sep 27 2008 2:25 PM

Yoga has the potential to energize sex lives and also improve a person's well-being.

According to Fox News, yoga enables men and women alike to tap into their sexual energy like never before.

Dr. Yvonne Kristin Fulbright, a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc, says when a person lets himself or herself stray from any exercise routine, it can be difficult to get back into it. However, the beauty with yoga is that, in taking care of a person, yoga takes care of the individual.

When it comes to sex life, yoga can result in:

1. Increased sensitivity

Yoga's breathing exercises help a person breathe more fully, decreasing anxiety level and blood pressure.

Recent research has suggested that meditation, prayer and yoga can improve health. These relaxation activities change patterns of gene activity that affect the body's response to stress. When a person evokes a relaxation response, the mind actively turns genes that are "switched" on or off by stress the other way. All of this makes a person more primed for intimacy.

2. More powerful orgasms

Yoga's influence on orgasms is two-fold. First, in strengthening the sexual core, person has greater control over pelvic floor muscles and sex organs. Harnessing this during sex helps the individual to climax more magnificently. Second, the practice enables to release muscle tension, which, in turn, rocks the body for full-body orgasms.

3. Improved energy

In being physically active, learning how to relax and alleviating stress through breathing, and by simply having fun, a person will feel more energized. Yoga is invigorating.

4. Body knowledge and acceptance

Yoga is about embracing person's form. A person becomes more aware of his or her body's strengths and limits. At the same time, he or she develops our flexibility, coordination, balance and

physical strength, all of which will help you in the bedroom.

5. Greater fitness

By tapping unused muscles, a person will feel fitter. In working out, body will become more toned. Better muscle tone will increase sexual responsiveness.

6. New Sexual Positions

Since a person is exercising his muscles, he will be able to engage in a greater variety of sex positions for greater pleasure.