by Reshma Anand on  April 4, 2016 at 2:54 PM Organ Donation News
This Banking App Helps Keep Track of Your Blood
Owing to the increasing demand of blood to save many precious lives, The Indian Red Cross Society has come up with a technocratic way to donate blood.

On April 3, 2016, 'Save Your Blood', the first of its kind mobile app in the world, has been launched by the Indian Red Cross Society along with J Walter Thompson in Bengaluru.

The blood banking app helps people to save their blood and donate it. It is similar to the way we save our money. Blood can be deposited, withdrawn and transferred through this app.

To use this app, one has to open an account at any Red Cross-affiliated blood bank. Through this account, one can keep track of their blood. The app also sends reminders every three months to donate blood.

The app is part of a larger digital blood banking initiative which enables account holders can keep track of the entire blood deposit cycle on the digital platform efficiently. This effort was focused on engaging more youngsters into blood donation.

Speaking about the app, Senthil Kumar, chief creative officer, J Walter Thompson said, "One of the biggest barricades to blood donation is the word 'donation'. Most human beings give a second thought when it comes to blood donation and in this case, 90% of the human race has never donated blood, as only 10% of us ever donate blood in our lifetimes."

The app can be downloaded on all Android and ioS phones. This will also help find those in need of blood immediately.

S Ashok Kumar Shetty, general secretary, Indian Red Cross Society (Karnataka) said, "With the digital blood banking concept and the launch of the app, the entire process of blood deposit, withdrawal and transfer will be extremely useful to today's digital savvy public. We have come up with this public service initiative to offer a solution to the most pressing matter of finding blood donors at the time of emergency."

Source: Medindia

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