Taylor Swift Reaches Out to 4-year-old Cancer Victim

by Julia Samuel on Mar 17 2015 4:48 PM

Taylor Swift Reaches Out to 4-year-old Cancer Victim
Jalene Salinas, 4, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in April last year. She underwent treatment but the several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were unsuccessful.
Doctors informed Salinas’ family that they had nothing much to do and her parents began checking off her bucket list. Her list included everything from making a snowman to meeting San Antonio Spurs star, Tim Duncan. One of her other goals was to shake off cancer with Taylor Swift.

Salinas’ final wish caught wind on the Web and began trending on Twitter. Taylor Swift heard about the little girl’s dream and made a FaceTime call earlier in March. Salinas and her mother, Jennifer Arrigas, conversed with Swift for about 20 minutes.

Arrigas thanked Swift and said, “As her mom it just, it means the world to me that she got to do and see and everything is checked off now. It means so much to me that you reached out to us."