Study Identifies Greatest Stress-triggers of the Modern Age

by Rajashri on Oct 30 2008 4:47 PM

Experts have said that hearing the word "yes" regularly on the phone and a voice-recognition system that fails to identify your voice is one of the greatest stress-trigger of the modern age.

Also included in the list is missing your train by seconds after waiting in a ticket queue.

According to experts, technology, greater traffic congestion and increased time pressures have dramatically changed the nature of stress.

"Previous generations were more stressed about putting food on the table and illness of children," the Daily Telegraph quoted psychologist and author Dr Sarah Edelman, as saying.

"Affluence has reduced certain types of stress but brought on new ones. We have a lot more demands - people are trying to do more in less and less time," the expert added.

Stress management coach Simon Davie, from corporate training company Sliding Doors, said waiting and not being heard or understood were the biggest stress triggers.

"The more people have to wait, the more impatient they get, part of their brain gets hijacked and suddenly they snap," he said.