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Snoring Hurting Marital Life in Britons

by Rajashri on July 16, 2008 at 2:40 PM
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 Snoring Hurting Marital Life in Britons

Snoring habits in their partners are forcing Brits to seek separate bedrooms to get a good night's sleep.

That's the conclusion of a new survey in which people blame their partner's sleeping habits for the trend of sleeping in separate beds sometimes or having different rooms altogether for getting some shut-eye.


Forty per cent said snoring made sharing a bed or a room impossible, while 24 per cent blamed fidgeting and 13 per cent said getting up for the toilet was the most disruptive bedtime behaviour.

A fifth said they were more tired on a Monday than they were the previous week, while 54 per cent said they were more argumentative with their loved ones after a bad night's sleep.

Many still feel tense from work and most are in the dark about how to wind down properly.

More than a third of those questioned blamed modern technology and working lifestyles for their restless sleeping.

Traditional remedies are being shunned.

Only three per cent have a hot milky drink, while only one per cent use a hot water bottle or take a warm bath. But 34 per cent prefer to watch TV to wind down.

Another finding from the survey of 2,480 adults by the Sominex sleeping tablets group is that despite having access to a partner for comfort at bedtime, many seek reassurance elsewhere.

Forty per cent admit cuddling a pillow, teddy bear or comfort blanket in bed.

"We have always found snoring to be a major cause of sleepless nights for couples. Getting a good night's sleep is more important for a couple's relationship than sharing a bed together," the Daily Express quoted Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council, as saying.

Sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski advised: "Avoid turning bedrooms into entertainment centres with TVs, computers and stereos - and invest in good curtains or blinds."

Source: ANI

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