Seven People Die of Diarrhoea in Jharkhand

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 4 2008 6:49 PM

Seven people succumbed to diarrhoea on Monday and several others suffer from the disease at Bundi village in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand.

More than 24 people are still suffering from the disease in the absence of adequate medical facilities.

“My wife and sister both died due to diarrhoea. On Sunday, at around 7-8 p.m., both passed away. Now my sister-in-law is also sick,” said Teju Ganju, Villager.

The Primary Health Centre at Bundu is non-functional and the village is completely cut off from rest of the places in the state.

“Seven people have died due to diarrhoea in this village in the past 24 hours due to lack of medical facilities. Around 18 to 20 people have died in the past one week. The Government is doing nothing about it,” said Jaiprakash Saha, Village leader.

When the epidemic started killing many, a camp hospital was started in a school building of the village to treat the patients. Doctors say that the unhygienic way of living of the villagers has caused the rapid spread of the disease.

“I have come here for the fifth time in the last one week. There is no hygiene here. Last time, when I had come here, I explained to them what all they are supposed to do. Those suffering from diarrhoea are undergoing fluid transfusion. There is no staff here,” said P Ghasi, Doctor, Primary Health Centre.

Those in a critical condition have been taken to hospitals in Hazaribagh for treatment.

With the death toll increasing every day, the villagers await immediate steps to stop the epidemic.