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 Say Goodbye to Puffy Face
If you notice your face bloating, then avoid caffeine and alcohol, apply a cold towel on the face and get eight hours of sleep, say experts.

Geeta Fazalbhoy, Dermatologist and Managing Director and Founder Member - Skin & You Clinic, and Vandana Punjabi, Consultant Dermatologist, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, have a few useful tips:

Facial bloating can be due to various causes like increased salt intake or product allergy. A balanced diet high on fruits and vegetables with normal salt consumption, less of pickles or processed packaged food is advised.

You should also get your thyroid levels checked. Lack of water intake, especially in summer months, can lead to facial bloating. So will lack of sleep. So get eight hours of rest and avoid caffeine.

You can also apply a cold towel on the face and eyes to decrease bloating. Apply cold calamine lotion on the face and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash. You can use a natural face mask with fuller's earth or a rose water dipped cold cloth on the face.

Alcohol affects almost every organ in the body, however the liver is the worst affected as this is where alcohol is processed. The blood vessels widen up when you take alcohol which leads to swelling, puffy appearance and redness of the face.

Sodium is not only the salt or soya sauce that people consume. It includes other sources such as sausages, sauces, canned vegetables and processed and packed snack foods. Our body tries to retain water in order to dilute the excess of sodium in the body. Avoid processed or packed foods and try to be as natural as possible.

Source: IANS

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