by Tanya Thomas on  August 22, 2008 at 10:00 AM News on IT in Healthcare
 Pretty Soon Your Doc may Well Be a Robot!
If all works out well, your family physician may well be a robot some time from now! Yes, scientists from New Zealand's Auckland University, in a joint venture with certain other scientists from Korea have opened a robotics laboratory to design the "perfect robotic doctor"!

This robo-doc will be programmed to perform a host of doctors' duties like measuring blood pressure, helping patients who fall over, carrying out ward rounds, and even keeping older folk company.

Auckland University has opened a new joint-venture robotics laboratory with Korean scientists for the purpose.

At the opening of the laboratory in Auckland, a robot took Research, Science and Technology Minister Pete Hodgson's blood pressure.

The laboratory has been made for the purpose of adapting robot technology already developed by Korean researchers, and westernizing it so that the machines could speak and recognize English.

"We need them to be interactive with speech," quoted Auckland University senior lecturer in robotics Bruce MacDonald as saying.

The researchers also plan to conduct a study to establish whether there is a preference for robots of a particular sex or age.

MacDonald said that robot users in the West might have different expectations from those in Korea.

"It's also about making the way they behave to be suitable for a Western environment. It's not just language, it's also what they say and how they say it," he said.

The laboratory will customize the existing technology developed by Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Unit to enable robots to take over more menial, repetitive tasks done by healthcare workers.

MacDonald said the New Zealanders would focus on developing a robot "platform" for Kiwi companies, so they could get into export markets for care of the elderly.

Different prototypes would be tried out with elderly people, and the first robotic devices may be available in three years.

Source: ANI

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