by VR Sreeraman on  July 11, 2009 at 12:25 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 Poultry Farm in Coimbatore Develops Selenium Enriched Eggs
A poultry farm in Coimbatore has developed selenium-enriched eggs to counter selenium deficiencies.

The eggs are called 'super eggs', which are selenium rich and are capable of curing diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These diseases have a common root that is less selenium intake.

Considering this a private egg producer near Palladam has developed these peculiar eggs where hens in layer farms are fed with rich organic selenium fodder, which includes fish, maize and 14 other ingredients.

"We have developed a new kind of an egg called as selenium enriched eggs, which we are able to produce by feeding hens which you see behind, with special diet rich in selenium sources now, the selenium enriched egg not only gives (meets) about your daily selenium requirements. Also, it contains a number of other benefits as well," said Balaji, proprietor of A Hi -Tech poultry.

According to a research in Scotland University, scientists have identified around 40 diseases related to selenium deficiency.

These eggs are graded and have printed dates on them so that consumers can come to know, how fresh they are. They are even packed nicely, so that it is convenient for consumers to carry them back home.

The poultry farm has a production capacity of five lakh eggs, which are supplied, to Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. They also plan to export these eggs to Middle East and other European countries.

Source: ANI

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