Picking Your Nose is Supposed to be a Good Habit?

by Kathy Jones on Apr 30 2013 10:04 PM

 Picking Your Nose is Supposed to be a Good Habit?
Picking your nose is often seen as an untidy habit but a Canadian researcher says that picking your nose and eating the mucus could in fact be beneficial for your immune system.
Professor Scott Napper said that improved hygiene over the years has weakened the human immune system and eating your mucus could strengthen it as it would introduce small and harmless amounts of germs back into the body.

Professor Napper is recruiting his students to take part in the study and will be dividing the participants into two groups, one of which will eat their nose pickings while the second group will not engage in antisocial behavior.

“All you would need is a group of volunteers. You would put some sort of molecule in all their noses, and for half of the group they would go about their normal business and for the other half of the group, they would pick their nose and eat it. Then you could look for immune responses against that molecule and if they're higher in the booger-eaters, then that would validate the idea”, he said.