by Kathy Jones on  October 1, 2012 at 8:01 PM Lifestyle News
 Nomophobia, Fear of Being Away from Mobile Phones, on the Rise
Health experts claim that the number of patients suffering from nomophobia or the fear of being away from their mobile phones is rising and the condition could seriously affect the people's lives.

"People check their phones up to 34 times a day," the New York Daily news quoted Dr. Elizabeth Waterman from Morningside Recovery Center as saying.

"If people are constantly on their phone during dinner, one-on-one-time, or family time; it can cause impairment to their relationships.

"They're ignoring their social relationships because they're focused on their phone," Waterman said.

While nomophobia is not a clinical disorder it is categorized as a specific phobia, at par with a fear of flying.

"One of the biggest things is anxiety or fear or panic at even the thought of losing their phone," she said.

"They make sure their phone is constantly in their reach, obsessively checking the battery life, and take their phone into inappropriate places to use it," Waterman added.

Source: ANI

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