New Narbis Glasses Force You to Concentrate

by Vishnuprasad on Mar 20 2015 7:36 PM

New Narbis Glasses Force You to Concentrate
Keeping mental focus while studying or working can be a serious challenge. A new set of glasses may help users maintain focus and to train the brain to keep the mind from wandering.
The Narbis device is a combination of an EEG sensor and a pair of glasses whose lenses can go from transparent to opaque. The user puts on the glasses and adjusts the dry EEG electrodes to make contact with the skull. The EEG component constantly monitors brainwave activity, noticing when the user starts to drift off mentally.

When that happens, the glasses fade to darkness and the wearer is effectively forced to snap back to attention. The EEG recognizes fresh activity within the brain, immediately clearing the glasses and letting the wearer get back to task.

The team behind the device believes that a couple of sessions per week of wearing the device can help improve mental focus even when not using the system. The product is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.