Mexico Plays Host to Gastronomy Festival

by Kathy Jones on Jun 4 2013 10:46 PM

 Mexico Plays Host to Gastronomy Festival
The central Mexican state of Guanajuato is playing host to a gastronomy festival. Thousands of people are expected to enjoy the different events featuring leading local and international chefs.
The state's Tourism Secretary Fernando Olivera told EFE that the event seeks to establish gastronomy as one of the most inviting tourist attractions in Guanajuato, considered one of the nation's cultural destinations.

"Since gastronomy is also culture, we have the responsibility and the strategy to make it one of the key activities in our touristic positioning," he said.

Specifically, between June 1-9 no less than 17 events will be held simultaneously in cities from San Miguel de Allende and Celaya to the capital Guanajuato, ranging from expos of hotel and restaurant equipment to gastronomic congresses, conferences and festivals.

Among other tasty offerings, special tribute will be paid to lamb and mescal liquor, as well as to traditional desserts and organic food.

There will also be lunches and dinners presided over and prepared by great Mexican and international chefs, as well as a cocktail party in an oddly original location, one of the subterranean streets of the state capital.

Among the Mexican chefs who will be on hand are Enrique Olvera, Ramon Muñoz Zurita and Patricia Quintana, while the internationals will include, for example, the man considered the best cocktail maker in the world, Junior Merino, "the Liquid Chef".

The secretary also noted that the seven Spanish chefs taking part have nine Michelin stars among them, including Roncero, Diego Guerrero and Marcos Moran.

There will also be space for traditional Mexican cuisine, thanks to a meeting of chefs who will share their recipes.